Dear Windcrest,

We’ve worked hard to get Windcrest moving in the right direction. We’d like to continue the progress
and positive improvements we’ve made together. I sincerely ask for your support.

Financially, Windcrest is in the best shape it has ever been.

Our Capital Improvement Plans (CIP) instituted under this administration looks out over the next several years and many projects are already completed or in progress. Improvement to our streets, parks, pool, civic center, City Hall -- just to name a few — are already completed, underway and paid for in cash! Many more are planned. The city has never had a more comprehensive plan for streets, parks and amenities, all of which you can find listed on the city’s website. We are DEBT FREE, and our rainy day fund has never been healthier. This administration has lowered property tax rates for three consecutive years, and thave lowered the trash service bill by over 70%. All the while, over the last three years, the city has operated with over a $1.5 million surplus and these funds will or have been re-invested into our community.

In these tough economic times, how can Windcrest do that?

Sales Tax Revenue has risen approximately over 100% since 2009.

New businesses are coming to our city and if you attended the Launch Party, you witnessed the developments to come. This revenue stream will continue to increase. The city will earn approximately over $5.12 million in sales tax revenue for October 1, 2014 to September 30, 2015 (last fiscal year). Very conservative estimates have the city generating approximately $5.4 million in sales tax revenue for next year – October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016.

Hotel & Motel Revenue – Two new hotels are being planned.

This will help increase this revenue stream which already accounts for approximately $150,000 per year.

Court Revenue – It has increased under this administration by over 40%. We are now going after people with warrants and run our courts much more efficiently.

WCCPD Revenue – This revenue stream is .25% of the sales tax.

This goes directly to help the Police. With overall sales tax revenue rising, this will also rise. Currently, this revenue stream produces over $550,000 to the city.

Street Tax (from sales tax) – This revenue stream is also a percentage of sales tax and will also continue to rise with the increase in the overall sales tax revenue. Presently, this revenue stream brings in over $500,000 per year to the city.

Keep Bureaucracy Low – All administrative staff is cross trained and computer systems were upgraded to allow for staff to be more efficient. Outsourcing to experts was also utilized which saves money and gives our citizens an otherwise unaffordable expertise. Additionally, as Public Safety is a primary focus of this administration, over four additional police officers have been added over the lasts two years.

Our relationship with Rackspace is rock solid! Alan’s strong relationship with the Rackspace leadership, has resulted in donations for our fire department, little league, and elementary school, just to name a few. We are also working together as we plan for the development of the 111 acres south of Rackspace.

Our relationship with BCWCID #10 (Water District) is solid. Although BCWCID #10 (our water and sewer services) runs independently from Windcrest government, we continue to work together to ensure top-notch customer service. Our “award winning” water district is still conveniently located at City Hall.

Economic Development is robust. New businesses have come to Windcrest and there is much more ahead. If you missed our Launch Party at Rackspace on July 25, you missed a great show! The city planned for 400 attendees and over 800 came to hear the news! Plans for the development of our 111 acres, under Turner Busby Development, are well underway. Windsor Park Centre, under the management of Whitestone-REIT, has already seen over $9 million in improvements. You will be very proud as things progress.

The Windcrest Elementary School upgrade (approximately $14 million) is underway and residents will be proud of the final product. This is a major NEISD project and it will be state-of-the-art!

Our team of Windcrest employees is second-to-none. They work hard each and every day to make Windcrest residents proud of our great city! They deserve fair compensation and a strong health care plan and we are making that happen.
Our city leadership team is strong. Alan Baxter, Gerd Jacobi, Jim Shelton, Pam Dodson, James McFall, and John Gretz work as a team — Team Windcrest! Let’s not stop the momentum.

Most importantly, we would like to salute our superb team of citizen volunteers who make so much in Windcrest happen. They are truly the linchpin in a myriad of areas that help Windcrest pull it all together! They deserve a heartfelt thank you.

With regard to endorsements - I do not seek endorsements from anyone. I offer quotes and other published materials that illustrate the work I have done and how people feel about me personally and how they feel about the job I am doing as Mayor of Windcrest. To read the full story that contains Graham Weston's quote, please see NSIDE Magazine, May/June edition pages 40 - 42

POL. ADV. PD. FOR BY: Alan E. Baxter Campaign